Your Choices

As we've said all along - we don't try and pigeon-hole you; we won't sell you something that you don't need, that won't make your life easier - and equally we don't sell off-the-shelf solutions. However, we notice and understand the merit in providing packages if for nothing more than a overview of the kind of functionality you can expect at various brackets within the Cossus system.

Please view these only as indicitive and not absolute; if something you want is not found within a package here, let us know and we'll see what we can do for you. As always we just want to enable you and your club to flourish, and these packages should be viewed as a stepping-stone towards that goal.

  Foundation Engagement Interaction Powerhouse
Website Registration
Website Hosting Yearly Fee Yearly Fee
Website Design
Website Pages 1-4 5-10 Unlimited Unlimited

Self-Managed Club News
Club Events Organisation  
Match Reporting  
Membership Management  
Member-facing Statistics    
Club Leagues    
Club Competitions    
Social Media Integration      
Membership Finances      
Advanced Back-end Statistics      
Automatic League Schedule Generation      
Cost: £149.99-£299.99 £799.99 Call for Quote Call for Quote
Fair usage policy applies.

Please contact us using the Contact page to discuss your options in more detail.