"We'll never sell you something that you don't need"

This page provides a brief overview of the functionality of Cossus. As always, contact us (using the Contact page!) if you want to know more.

A Range of Solutions

Early on we recognised that each club is different. The type of club, levels of members, interaction with documents and/or technology, and budget are all factors that affect the type of system that a club would want to take on, the training required, and the ease of integration.

Our solutions range from a simple basic web site where you are able to post your news and advertise your club online to the wider world, all the way through to a complete web-based club management solution. Here at Cossus we're flexible; we want to make your life that little bit easier however we can. We'll never sell you something that you don't need, but we'll also politely try to steer you towards investing in a solution that will save you time, let you connect with you members, and ensure your club continuous to flourish in the coming years.

Customised Services

Each Cossus system installation is unique. We don't try and pigeon-hole you - far from it. We seek to enable you to manage your club in the most efficient method possible, leveraging the power of the Cossus system as the barebones construct to your fully customised site, irrespective of the package you select from our options. We want you to love the power of Cossus, but we also want you to love your own bespoke website just as much.

Engaging Statistics

Do you know how many internal games your club held last year? How about then number of times on average each member participated in an internal league? Do you know how many internal leagues each member participates in? These are just scratching the surface of the statistics you're able to view with Cossus.

The most engaging of the statistics you're able to view with our system comes at the member, league and team level. You and your members are able to view their own individual profiles, displaying how many games they've played in (per year), their win-loss-draw record, their typical position, and their points difference; all slicable at multiple levels including the season, league, and club levels. These statistics keep your members engaged with you club as they are able to track their own progress and become motivated to try and improve their individual and team records.

Event Organisation

One of the most important but least sufficiently managed aspects of sports clubs are the events which they hold. Members need to be able to quickly and easily see when an event is happening, the time and date, how much of your club is being taken up by the event, and the cost of attending the event (if able). This includes social events, club competitions, club matches, and internal club leagues.

Cossus helps you store, modify, and communicate all of this information to your members and any visitors; your site can have both an 'Upcoming Events' list and a more traditional calendar-style page detailing everything that is scheduled to happen at your club for as much in advance as you're willing to add to the system. Lets work together to communicate better with your members, which will subsequently increase your retention and attendance levels at your events, which is exactly what you want to happen.

Membership Management

The engine room of any successful club is their members. To ensure your engine keeps running, you need to be able to track your membership levels, update the status of your members, identify if they've re-subscribed, and update their personal details. Cossus lets you do all of this and more. We know how important your members are, so we help you take care of the required management. We're also able to produce financial reports and track your membership levels so you can quickly report on, and react to, sudden changes compared to your predictions.

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